Cheryl Fisher
JATL Producer/Artistic Director


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"UM Big Band"

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"Duke's Place"

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"Cheryl Fisher is already recognized as one of the greatest female singers
in the history of Canadian jazz.
" Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

Cheryl Fisher

Jazz vocalist Cheryl Fisher is one of those rare artists who, as soon as she begins to sing, transforms the room and turns a chatty crowd into a rapt audience. Her commanding stage presence, assurance and vocal mastery transcend artistic mediums. Cheryl is as comfortable performing in a small intimate setting as she is outdoors or in large concert halls.

“...vocal command that deepens with each recording.” -WASHINGTON POST

For her sixth CD, Canadian vocalist Cheryl Fisher has recorded an album unique in both its repertoire and her approach. Purposefully chosen to be on the quieter side, Fisher puts a personal stamp on these beautiful, rarely heard songs, applying her musicianship and gift for vocal interpretation in celebration of love, or the mourning of love lost. Although they come from the era of the Great American Songbook, Fisher has given them a modern jazz treatment with the brilliant accompaniment of pianist/arranger John Toomey, the singular Portland guitarist John Stowell, the bass & drum team of Jeff Johnson & John Bishop, and acclaimed woodwind artist Eric Allison. "Concept albums aren't what I usually do, but sometimes you just want to sit by the fireplace, have a glass of wine, put on an album and let it play right through, letting its mellow mood merge with your own." - See more



What the Critics are Saying...

Quietly There - Cheryl Fisher has come a long way since the days when she was described as one of Canada's best-kept secrets.  In her sixth album, she takes another long step putting the secret in the past.  Her musicianship is bolstered by a master's degree in vocal performance from the University of Miami but there is nothing acedemic about the intensity of feeling she brings to these songs.  This collection bears out the observation by the Washington Post's Matt Schudel that she has "vocal command that deepens with each recording" (...)  Gee, I wonder how her seventh album can top this?

Doug Ramsey

"Look Out - One of Canada’s best kept secrets is getting harder to contain. With her fourth CD Joyride: Life In The Jazz Lane, Alberta born Cheryl Fisher sweeps out of western Canada to claim new musical territory and to extend a vocal command that deepens with each new recording. Joyride is a vocal portrait of an evolving artist (…) a memorable recording that can stand proudly beside any other recent vocal disc, whether from Canada or anywhere else."

Matt Schudel - The Washington Post

"Sophisticated singer Cheryl Fisher‘s great sense of time, bold phrasing and subtle emotional control are talents that lend an effortless air to the music though she seems in full charge. … her fourth disc (Joyride:Life in the Jazz lane) is likely to spread the appreciation nationwide."

Geoff Chapman - Toronto Star

"Cheryl is an exotic bird, perhaps the closest female singer yet to a mellow trumpet, and has a feeling for rhythm few singers share...It's the same kind of excitement that Miles created with the most ordinary of tunes.."

Bill Somers - Jazz Notes

"She dives into each song in an emotive fashion that slowly ripples outward, embracing the listener"

James Muretich - Calgary Herald

"Cheryl Fisher embodies the essence of jazz vocal. She has a smooth, swingin' style wrapped in an apparently strong grasp of melody and jazz theory. Each phrase, line and solo is flawless. I've heard a lot of vocal albums but this one is the best I've heard this year"

R.Romus - Jazz Now

"She's a real jazz singer with a sultry, bluesy sound capable of working through the intricate well as belting out sassy a direct 'take no prisoners' style"

Jerome Wilson - Cadence

"...ultimately her music in general has a universal appeal which steps outside and around the generic boundaries of category and formula, into authenticity"

Robert Faust - VOX

"Cheryl Fisher has a great voice!...warm, rich, full-bodied"

Paul Horn

"She will play with a melody in a way that makes you wonder why nobody has ever phrased it in that manner immediately realize you're in the presence of a musician for whom singing jazz is as natural as breathing"

Earl Okin - Jazz on CD, London

"The discovery for me was the band's vocalist, Cheryl Fisher...she has a beautiful voice and that special feel for a tune that enables her to bring it alive"

Jim Goatham - Crescendo International, London